* Society perceives Crazzy Owl as crazzy . But what does society call Crazzy Owl …..
“You call it madness, but I called it love”….
*Often when people have done the right things they have been called Crazzy Owl.
These are the crazzy people who have changed the love and world and made it a better       place
*Making an impact though love, craziness, honesty, care.
*For us Crazzy owl is the spirit of looking Crazzy, love at thing differently.
*Trying new things when success is not guaranteed. Not stepping on others to get ahead.       Thinking about the benefits
of others just as you think about your own.
*This was the spirit on which Crazzy Owl was founded in 2021 with belief that a business can    not be about financial gain about.
*It is about making a positive impact. That’s what CrazzyOwl is about.

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