Crazzy Owl

​About Us

Our story starts with the name Crazzy Owl
* Society perceives Crazzy Owl as crazzy. But what does the society call Crazzy Owl ?….
“You call it madness, but we call it love”….
*Often when people have done the right things they have been called Crazzy Owl. These are the crazzy people who have changed the concept of love and world and made it a better place to live.

*”Making an impact through care, craziness, honesty & love is the vision of Crazzy Owl.
*For us Crazzy owl is the spirit of looking crazzy, loving things differently.

*Trying new things when success is not guaranteed. Not stepping on others to get ahead. Thinking about the benefits of others just as you think about your own was the spirit based on which Crazzy Owl was founded in 2021 with the belief that a business can not be about only financial gain, It is about making a positive impact. That’s what Crazzy Owl stands for.

Innovative Design:- Creating designs in digital, customized, and many more ways that are an extension of you.

Direct to Consumer model:- Bringing accessibility and value to everyday fashion.

Homegrown :-Imagined my country, Made in India.

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